Trigger Adjustment or Replacement

Trigger adjustment or replacement is an economical way of making a significant difference to both accuracy and your enjoyment of your rifle.

From £28.00

Crowning - Full

We re-crown exactly the same on a factory barrel as we do for a custom rifle to protect against further damage and enhance accuracy.

From £54.00

Free Float Barrel

For a rifle to shoot to its maximum potential accuracy the barrel needs to resonate at its natural pitch, to do that it must be free floating.

From £54.00

Recoil Pad Supply and Fit

Recoil pads play a crucial role in protecting the shoulder from the heavy butt end of the rifle or other long-range firearms during shooting.

From £89.00

Invisible Thread Protector

If using your rifle unmoderated, or removing your moderator while in transit, an invisible thread protector helps to protect your barrel thread.

From £90.00

Rear Monopod Wheel

A third point of contact with the ground when used with the bipod legs and allows fine adjustment for elevation, essential when shooting long-range.

From £105.00

Hourly Gunsmithing Rate

Work is charged at £108.00 per hour.

From £108.00

Tactical Bolt Handle

To increase the mechanical force on opening and cocking the rifle and to project further on tactical stocks, we can fit a tactical bolt handle.

From £132.00

Threading for Moderator

Riflecraft specialist lathes index the barrel on the centre of the bore, minimising bullet deflection and maximising accuracy and consistency.

From £135.00

Magazine Conversions

We carry a range of products, many of which require no alteration to your stock to enable you to use a detachable box magazine.

From £150.00

Stock Replacement

A modern, synthetic stock is impervious to the changing weather conditions and will exhibit better shot to shot accuracy when hot, cold, wet or dry.

From £195.00


The stable bedding of a barreled action in the stock is core to a consistent point of impact. We offer synthetic bedding with the option of pillars.

From £230.00