Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Do I have to own a rifle to attend a course?

No. You are welcome to bring your own rifle and ammunition, however if you do not own a rifle or you are unable to bring it with you, we will provide you with one free of charge. You will however be charged for the ammunition used at cost. 

2 - Is there an age restriction?

Yes. Students must be 16 years of age or above.

3 - Do I have to be an experienced shooter?

No, however modules 2 through 7 will require sufficient baseline knowledge. Please check with us if you are unsure, prior to booking.

4 – Do you have to have a firearms certificate?

No you don't need to be a licence holder however there will be some forms to fill in before we begin the course.

5 - Do I need a Rifle beforehand?

No, we can loan you a Rifle to use during the course however It would be beneficial to have your own Rifle as we really help to zero in your Rifle and get it really working for you.

6 - Do the courses help me with a firearms licence?

Yes, the courses are recognised by the Police (in fact, we train a number of Police teams).

7 - Is food provided?

No. As we will be travelling back and fourth to the range we ask that people have a pack up lunch. We will, however, provide as much tea and coffee as you can drink!