Semi-Custom Rifles

If you own a rifle that is near and dear to you but you are looking to enhance its efficiency or looks, we can help – no matter how minor or major.

Likewise, if you have a new rifle that you would like to customise over time, we can customise bit-by-bit to suit your budget and timeframe.

We offer a series of modifications to turn your factory rifle into a semi-custom rifle, providing just that bit more personalisation, whether through minor tuning or a complete overhaul.

When customising a firearm, it’s important to have a clear objective—are you trying to improve accuracy or aesthetics, shave weight or all of the above? Here at Riflecraft, we listen to what you want. We offer a series of suggested upgrades as a starting point but the only limit is your imagination.

If you'd like to take a look at the changes that can be made to your rifle, click here to see a list of available modifications.