The Pegasus family of rifles are purposely designed to exhibit the lightest practical weight rifle while maintaining sub-half MOA accuracy. Utilising the very latest in lightweight, modern component technology, these rifles represent the epitome of a 21st century rifle.


The Pegasus Hunter is designed to be carried without fatigue and easily facilitates shooting from the type of off-hand positions found in the field without any discernible loss of accuracy.


Whether you are engaging multiple targets at short-range or very small targets at long-range, the additional barrel mass of the Pegasus Varmint enables you to ensure you retain the surgical accuracy in those environments.

The Raptor family of rifles are designed with uncompromising accuracy, but where lightweight is not your most important consideration, they are robust, strong and above all, surgically accurate. These rifles use the very best in fibreglass and stainless steel technology to bring you strength and accuracy, whatever your application.


This rifle is designed to be as light as the components allow without compromising accuracy.


The Raptor Varmint is geared towards the shooter who requires either long range accuracy or shorter range surgical accuracy over several rounds.


From the ground up, this rifle is designed to shoot very small groups at extremely long-range.

We are able to design and produce exactly the rifle you had in mind.

We employ our expertise and experience of the latest materials and technology to build you a custom rifle with the precision and execution that only real precision enthusiasts understand.