Riflecraft, the home of accurate rifles, is more than a gun shop. We do not sell you what we have on the shelf we listen to what you want from a rifle.

We want to know what you are going to shoot and where – we listen to your preferences. We apply our experience and knowledge of the latest materials and technology to build you a custom rifle with the accuracy and performance that only real precision enthusiasts understand.

Beautiful works of art belong on the wall. Accurate precision rifles where the beauty lies within the engineering, belong in the field or on the range.

We can provide an indication of how long a custom build will take but there are many factors to take into consideration so this is not a project for someone in a hurry. Once your build is complete, it will be tested by one of our best shots and you will be provided with a test card as evidence of the tight groups we achieve with our expertly engineered rifles.

A custom build is important to you, therefore, it is important to us.