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The stable bedding of a barreled action in the stock is core to a consistent point of impact. We offer synthetic bedding with the option of pillars.


The stable bedding of a barreled action in the stock is core to a consistent point of impact; and one of the simplest ways to improve factory rifle accuracy. If an action is not solidly bedded into the stock the recoil is likely to move it to the shot and the chances of a consistently placed second shot become remote.

In the same way, if a barrel is allowed to touch the stock either because it is not free floating or because a poorly bedded action allows it to shift, the natural harmonics of the barrel are distorted and accurate shot placement becomes very unlikely.

Riflecraft have been synthetically bedding actions for many years. We were taught the process by the specialists at McMillan and have further developed the proprietary materials and the methods we use to ensure perfect alignment and media coverage. The result is an exceptionally stable bedded action.

All factory actions and stocks are made to mass production tolerances to enable any stock to fit any action and maintain throughput. As a result, there is often a sloppy fit between the barrel and the action on a mass-produced rifle. What all this means in accuracy terms is that when the rifle rifles, the action tries to and is often successful in moving back in the stock during recoil. This variation in the interface between the two parts reduces consistency, shot to shot and consequently increases group sizes.

Synthetic bedding is introduced between the two parts to prevent any movement of the action in the stock. The rifle can, however, be taken apart for cleaning as normal.

It also has the added advantage of introducing an 'inert' material between the two parts that is impervious to the weather as it does not change size or shape if it gets hot, cold, wet or dry! This is of considerable advantage to an owner of wooden stocked rifles that can warp when wet.

To prevent inadvertent damage to the synthetic bedding, aluminium pillars are introduced around the stock bolts to prevent the owner from compressing the stock and reducing the advantageous effect of synthetic bedding. This is recommended in all stocks that don't contain an aluminium skeleton but is unnecessary on all chassis systems.

Pillar bedding is recommended for wooden stocks, laminated wooden stocks and all synthetic stocks without an internal skeleton.

Synthetic Bedding = £192.50 | Synthetic Bedding with Pillars = 251.99

£230.00 Unavailable

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