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New Riflecraft Site – Coming Soon

New Riflecraft Site – Coming Soon

Posted 3 years ago by Amanda Jones

Riflecraft: Repurposed

We are debuting our redesigned website to accompany the new direction of our business, launching soon.

We are delighted to showcase our new website, featuring a user-friendly design and a handpicked selection of products that represent what Riflecraft is about.

We'll be focusing on custom rifle builds, general modifications and offering a series of upgrade packages, in addition to our existing Cerakote services. Our custom rifle builds will be just that, entirely bespoke. We will work with customers and clients to design their rifle from the ground up, so it shoots with Riflecraft accuracy.

We will also continue to assist clients with their personal marksmanship through both group and individual rifle training at our own range facility.

We will be selling exclusively what we know works best to our customers: Bore Tech products, Nightforce optics, Riflecraft moderators and Riflecraft branded products.

Andrew Evans-Hendrick, Director of Riflecraft had this to say about the move, “We are moving back to what made us so successful in the past. Building accurate rifles, teaching people to shoot them and proven accessories.”

With a moderator already ready to purchase when the site goes live and a preview of Riflecraft branded products soon to launch, we have various exciting releases planned to keep Riflecraft at the top of your list for firearms needs.