You’ve tried Bore Foam, you’ve tried KG, Hoppes and WipeOut. In fact you’ve tried nearly everything to get that bore clean.

With many cleaning products on the market today it’s difficult to cut through the hype. Bore Tech is the very best rifle cleaning solution. In the UK some of our top shooters keep their rifles clean with Bore Tech, such as Gary Costello, World F-Class champion and Russell Symonds UK F-TR champion.

It is also the chosen barrel cleaning solution for every sniper unit in the British Armed forces and many UK Police forces. Barrett firearms recommend nothing else for use in their rifles to keep them accurate in the harshest combat environments on earth. The proof positive system means that neither jags, brushes or rod tips have any brass in them which leads to false coloration on your patches whether your barrel is fouled or not.

Barrel safe. Non Hazardous, Biodegradable and Odour free. You will never look back